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ICT requests the government to proceed with the opening of international airports.

In the first phase of diagnosis and priority setting, the Institution has held constant meetings with multiple chambers of the tourism sector and international agencie

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4×4 car rental in the SJO Airport

The topographic characteristics of Costa Rica are very varied and the rustic roads that lead to farms, beaches and parks difficult to access is an opportunity for adventure.

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The best way to rent a car in Costa Rica

Although there is an infinite list of factors that must be taken into account when renting a car, there are two important aspects worth to consider:
1. Finding a company with good reputation
2. Booking with enough anticipation

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Rent a Car in San José

San José is a peculiar city that besides hosting the country’s political and administrative institutions is the point of reference of the other three most important cities in the country.

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Online car reservation in Costa Rica

Among the many facilities modern life offers us there is the opportunity to make the most of our time by precisely programming our work days or holidays.

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Rent a car services for companies in Costa Rica

Vehicle rental vehicles for companies are an increasingly used alternative worldwide because of the benefits it provides such as savings in time, money and human resources.

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The Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

The Poás Volcano in Costa Rica is now open to the public

The Poas Volcano, one of the most beautiful places that tourists can enjoy in Central America was open to the public at the end of August (2018) after implementing initiatives aimed at ensuring safety conditions for visitors.

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