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The best way to rent a car in Costa Rica

Although there is an infinite list of factors that must be taken into account when renting a car, there are two important aspects worth to consider:
1. Finding a company with good reputation
2. Booking with enough anticipation

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Online car reservation in Costa Rica

Among the many facilities modern life offers us there is the opportunity to make the most of our time by precisely programming our work days or holidays.

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Rent a car services for companies in Costa Rica

Vehicle rental vehicles for companies are an increasingly used alternative worldwide because of the benefits it provides such as savings in time, money and human resources.

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Rent a car en Heredia

Rent a car in Heredia: We are your best ally

Since Heredia is located between San José -the capital of Costa Rica- and the Juan Santamaria Airport it has a series of advantageous conditions for visitors.

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Alquiler de carros con GPS en Costa Rica

Rental cars with GPS in Costa Rica

GPS (Global Positioning System) caused an important impact on the world over the years, GPS is an easy-to-use, high-precision instrument that helps anyone to reach his destination.

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Servicio de alquiler de autos en Costa Rica

Rates of car rental service in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, rental vehicle service market is very broad, because of that national companies trying to stand out over the competition seek to offer excellent services with the best rates, based on knowledge related to infrastructure and geography of the country and the characteristics of each town.

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Consejos para rentar autos en Costa Rica

Things you should know before renting a car in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many paradisiacal places where there is so much to see and so much to enjoy that, in order to get the most out of your visit, you will need a vehicle that offers you freedom and autonomy.

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Rioja Rent a Car present in Heredia

Although it is a relatively small community and is the head of the smaller province of Costa Rica, Heredia is a city located in the Great Metropolitan Area with many attractive features for nationals and foreigners.

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