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The best places of Costa Rica to enjoy during the summer

With 143 paradisiacal beaches, 4 active volcanoes and 34 national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges, it is not easy to select the best destinations to visit during the summer in Costa Rica.

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Car Rental in Costa Rica with Rioja Renta Car

(Español) La impresionante cantidad de destinos turísticos de playa y montaña concentrados en un territorio tan pequeño como el nuestro, es un ingrediente que atrae a vacacionistas procedentes de todo el mundo.

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Trip to the mountains with Rioja Rent a Car

Wherever you look, Costa Rica is a paradisiacal mountain tourist destination with three mountain ranges spread throughout the national territory which is just as amazing as their abundant natural treasures.

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Lugares de Costa Rica para visitar en época lluviosa

Best places to visit in Costa Rica during the rainy season

In Costa Rica there is no winter and summer seasons as you may know. There are a dry season and a rainy season, no extreme temperatures, no snow, no suffocating heat.

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Want to go on a trip to the mountains

Want to go on a trip to the mountains? 4×4 vehicles are your best option

With 34 natural reserves, Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination for many people wanting to go on a trip to its mountains.

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Destinos turisticos / Tourist places

Tourist places in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an emblematic country that began to push towards the protection of the environment since the 70s, this initiative has allowed the country to develop a powerful industry based on ecological tourism. In this small territory of just 51 thousand square kilometers, Costa Rica has 300 beaches, 34 protected zones (including national parks, […]

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¿Cuál es el depósito de garantía para alquilar un vehículo en Costa Rica?

What is security deposit required to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica?

As regards to vehicle rental services and any other business where there are risks involved, it is fair for the leasing company, as well for the user, to have a backup to cover the costs of any accidents and incidents that may occur. In Costa Rica, all car rental companies require a guarantee deposit to […]

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Rent a Car en Costa Rica

Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica has a continental surface of ​​just 19,652 square miles, it is a privileged country due to its geographical location, its democratic and pacifist tradition, and abundant species of flora and fauna protected by conservationist policies. The capital of the country, San José, is located in the center of the Greater Metropolitan Area […]

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Destinos tropicales

Tropical destinations to escape from the cold temperatures

When low temperatures become a challenge for survival in some parts of the world, the sun shines in the tropics. It is time to fully enjoy the warm beaches, the national parks with several different species of flora and fauna; the sounds of nature; sunny beaches and majestic volcanoes. In tropical destinations like Costa Rica, […]

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Rent a Cart in Costa Rica

Travel around Costa Rica with the best Rent a Car

With a territory of just 50.900 square kilometers, Costa Rica is a nationwide model for the economic, social and political development and coexistence.

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