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World Championship Tour De Surf World Championship Tour De Surf World Championship Tour De Surf

The tusk of Medina at the end was greater than the desire of Muñoz for further progress

The tico was her first WCT with worldwide recognition and ¢5 million

At the end of the tusk of the brazilian Gabriel Medina proved stronger than the desire of Carlos Muñoz to continue feeding the dream of a podium in his first World . 
Medina, ranked first in the world, has gained revenge against the diagnosis after Cali would force him to compete for a qualifying round and was classified with a slate of 13.30 (6.47 6.83 ) against the 8.77 (3.67 5.10 ) of the Costa Rican surfers. 
In the heat that opened one more day of competition on the waves oftrestles, California, the south american was aggressive from the first second, possibly aware that this time could not neglect or a second to the diagnosis. 
There are noted the experience of a surfer with the baggage of Medina, who mounted an effective strategy to thwart your opponent and get the pass to the fourth round. 
"I just want to say thank you to all of you for this great opportunity to show me. Now I know how professionals are the corridors of the Dream Tour , which is a place where I want to be soon. This heat i really wanted to win so much, but it is competition and was better than i do this time," Munoz said. 
After giving the surprise in the first heat the name of Cali was followed with attention in the Tour. | 
Mission accomplished. While the victory in the first round of Carlos Muñoz on Gabriel Medina raised to stop the expectations of Costa Rica, the defeat of this Tuesday can only be described as a learning more in what was a more than successful debut of the central American surf in the world elite. 
Cali will not only return home with a prize of $9,500 (around 5 million) for having achieved this classification to third round, but also won recognition in the world with a demonstration of talent and enthusiasm. 
There was the great mission of the boarder was born .