Playa Pan de Azucar

Playa Pan de Azucar Playa Pan de Azucar Playa Pan de Azucar Playa Pan de Azucar Playa Pan de Azucar

Playa Danta y Playa Pan de Azíºcar (Inglés) en Guanacaste, cerca de la zona de Flamingo. Para llegar, tome la ruta Liberia-Guardia-Filadelfia-Belén-Huacas-Playa Brasilito-Playa Potrero-Playa Prieta. La carretera deja de ser asfaltada unos 4 km después

Playa Danta y Playa Pan de Azúcarare spits of sand, each one less tha 1 km long in Potrero Bay in Carillo Canton. Their white sands are exeptionally beautiful. They lay at the foot of a coastal range of volcanic rock that dates from the Tertiary Era 60-80 million years ago. At Guapelines and Penca Points the slopes drop steeply and form cliffs between which flow seasonal streams.

The rocky headland at Penca separates both beaches, but at low tide one can walk along the entire coastline and admire the marine life. The Pitahayas Islets, which measure 0.75 hectares and lie just off the coast, can be seen from the Danta beach to the west. Beyond them rise the Santa Catalina Island, which has 19 hectares and lies 4 kms. to the southwest, near Salinas Point. Potrero Beach, Plata Island and the Chocoyas Islands (3 hectares) can all be seen from Pan de Azúcar Beach.

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