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When Doña Ana María de Cárdenas began to give away and sell part of her land at the beginning of the 19th century, she hardly imagined that she was initiating the birth of one of the most beautiful and distinguished cities in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

Doña Ana María was the owner of the lands of much part of the current canton of Santa Ana and, according to the historians, she decided to donate part of her land to cultivate and populate them. The farm was part of the canton of Escazú.

Due to its proximity to the community of Escazú, and to the characteristics of the evolution of that time, its evolution was slow. In 1873, the Central School of Santa Ana (administration of Don Tomás Guardia Gutiérrez) was created and it was not until 1972 when it entered in functions of the School of Santa Ana.

Today, however, Santa Ana, incorporated into the Great Metropolitan Area, is a reference city of elegance and sobriety. It is located just 15 minutes from downtown San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, and it is possible to find private hospitals, large shopping malls, luxury hotels, dream residences, golf courses and all modern amenities.

Much of this Josefino canton lives a remarkable transformation towards modernity and development, although other sectors maintain a gentle routine, expressed in the crafts and local products, which can be acquired in specialized commercial centers.

Because of its proximity to San José, Santa Ana is located in an ideal point for those who visit Costa Rica in institutional, diplomatic, business and vacation purposes.

It is one of the communities preferred by foreigners who arrive with their families to settle in Costa Rica. It could not be for less. In Santa Ana there are also shopping centers, shops, access facilities to institutional services and some of the best restaurants in the country.

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