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Viajes de montaña

Mountain trips in Costa Rica

Costa Rica did not earned that beautiful name because a trade route nor its mineral wealth but for the amazing beauty of its mountains and nature.

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Palo Verde: The bird watching heaven in our country

The hummingbird is a tiny bird whose power and skill allow it to hover in the air to drink the nectar of the flowers. After it eats it flies backwards at a dizzying speed. In Costa Rica there are 46 species of hummingbirds with amazing rainbow-like colors.

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The best places of Costa Rica to enjoy during the summer

With 143 paradisiacal beaches, 4 active volcanoes and 34 national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges, it is not easy to select the best destinations to visit during the summer in Costa Rica.

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Trip to the mountains with Rioja Rent a Car

Wherever you look, Costa Rica is a paradisiacal mountain tourist destination with three mountain ranges spread throughout the national territory which is just as amazing as their abundant natural treasures.

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Year-end holidays and car rental in Costa Rica

The imminent arrival of the year-end holidays in Costa Rica announces the beginning of the dry season, a time to enjoy the irresistible natural treasures that characterize this paradisiacal Central American country.

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Car Rental to travel to Tortuguero, in Costa Rica

Due to its outstanding beauty, the Tortuguero National Park is one of the most emblematic tourist destinations in Costa Rica. It is a network of navigable channels in the northern sector of the province of Limón which stands out for its flora and fauna.

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Lugares de Costa Rica para visitar en época lluviosa

Best places to visit in Costa Rica during the rainy season

In Costa Rica there is no winter and summer seasons as you may know. There are a dry season and a rainy season, no extreme temperatures, no snow, no suffocating heat.

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Want to go on a trip to the mountains

Want to go on a trip to the mountains? 4×4 vehicles are your best option

With 34 natural reserves, Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination for many people wanting to go on a trip to its mountains.

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The Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

The Poás Volcano in Costa Rica is now open to the public

The Poas Volcano, one of the most beautiful places that tourists can enjoy in Central America was open to the public at the end of August (2018) after implementing initiatives aimed at ensuring safety conditions for visitors.

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Tours de un día en Costa Rica

One-day tours in Costa Rica

Do you have a day off and do not want to waste your time in a house or hotel? Costa Rica has plenty of tourist destinations including cities, sea and mountain, all of these are accessible within a few hours. The distances are so short and the tourist offer is so abundant that a tourist […]

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