Keylor Navas attract tourists from Spain to Costa Rica

Keylor Navas attract tourists from Spain to Costa Rica Keylor Navas attract tourists from Spain to Costa Rica Keylor Navas attract tourists from Spain to Costa Rica

Ict appoints the real madrid goalkeeper tourism ambassador

Keylor Navas invited the Spaniards to visit Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has launched a tourism campaign with Real Madrid goalkeeper and the Costa Rica national football team, Keylor Navas, to promote the country in the Spanish market.

So was announced by the ICT through a press release. The launch of the campaign kicked off this morning simultaneously in Costa Rica and Spain.

Mauricio Ventura, Tourism Minister explained that Spain is a priority destination, why has run this campaign to strengthen the positioning, aiming to increase visitation Spanish to our country, promoting Costa Rica as a destination you can visit at any time of year.

"Keylor Navas is the ideal representative of the personality, values and treatment of Costa Rica. With his charisma has put up the name of our country and this is reflected in the thousands of people around the world who follow in their footsteps, so Keylor undoubtedly holds the title of the tourism ambassador of Costa Rica, "said Ventura.

One element of the campaign is the sitioWeb where are details of Costa Rica presented by Costa Rican goalkeeper.

The campaign seeks to maximize the figure of Keylor as Tourism Ambassador of Costa Rica, so it will be strongly developed in social networks, in order to position the country to the large number of fans around the world with the national goalkeeper .

Currently, Keylor has nearly 5 million followers on Facebook, more than 2 million Instagram and almost 1.4 million followers on Twitter, so besides taking advantage of the high exposure goalkeeper networks, they will be linked with the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the website

The campaign also includes digital media publications, guidelines and advertorials in media such as travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Oxygen Magazine, Adventure and Travel, elespañ, Lonely Planet, and sports daily Marca in its printed version , digital and radio

Another point to note is that as part of the campaign the "The happiest swells", where residents in Spain can upload a video to the website, indicating what the time will be made happier that she made him go his team. Subsequently, the most voted video will be chosen and the winner will travel to Costa Rica with a companion with all expenses paid. The contest will end in September this year.

The campaign Keylor Navas will run from May 24 to December 2016.

Last year reached 65,188 Spanish tourists Costa Rica, according to the ICT. In total 393,115 Europeans arrived, with Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom the main countries of origin.