Rent a car services for companies in Costa Rica

Vehicle rental vehicles for companies are an increasingly used alternative worldwide because of the benefits it provides such as savings in time, money and human resources.

Through the renting service, the vehicle will be always be there, available during the hired period to be used in the company’s own activities such as moving employees or executives who come to fulfill temporary obligations.

Among the various advantages offered by a rental service there is maintenance and assistance the vehicle receives to guarantee it’s on perfect working conditions 24 hours a day.


There are several other benefits:

  • The company does not have to invest money on vehicles, so it can be expended on other more utilitarian and urgent investments. All the vehicles in our fleet are recent models and are in perfect working conditions.
  • The company or professional who hires the service have the option of choosing the vehicle that best suits their tastes and needs.
  • Renting a vehicle releases the company or professional from having to take the vehicle to the garage, buying spare parts and technical inspections.

In Rioja Rent a Car we have the vehicle you need for your company or your professional use. We have a fleet of the latest SUV, Pick Up and 4×4 vehicles for individual or group use.

Learn about each one of the units we have available and analyze their features; You can hire our services on-line through our website or calling our offices.

Do not forget that we also offer you the additional services such as prepaid mobile phone, optional insurance, bilingual driver, GPS and transfer.

Work better without complications nor major investments by using the car rental services for companies and professionals from Rioja Rent a Car. We are here to serve you!



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