Rental cars with GPS in Costa Rica

Alquiler de carros con GPS en Costa Rica

GPS (Global Positioning System) caused an important impact on the world over the years, GPS is an easy-to-use, high-precision instrument that helps anyone to reach his destination.

Old times of imprecise indications such as “keep going straight, once you see the mango tree turn right…” or “look for the house with a green gate… ” are over.

Tourists are welcome

Service companies -hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, etc.- put special emphasis on providing tourists with a high-quality customer care offering tourists the opportunity to reach their destination seamlessly and as comfortable as possible.

The GPS will show you the way as if it was a tour guide, a very handy thing to have in Costa Rica and easy to get from companies providing car rental services.

In Rioja Rent a Car we include a GPS among the additional services we offer to our customers. In addition, we offer other services such as prepaid mobile phone, optional insurance, bilingual driver, transfer and a comprehensive 24/7 customer attention to provide support in case any incident occurs.

Feel assured with a GPS

In addition, our company has a modern fleet of Pick Up, SUV and 4×4 vehicles. On our website, you can learn more about the characteristics of each of our units and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs whether it’s for personal or group use and depending on the distance and/or type of road.

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