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Playas del Coco
Car Rental Renta Car Guanacaste Playa del Coco Costa Rica is ranked into one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica and is one of the best known beaches in the country. Located near the Gulf of Papagayo, is very easy to reach this beautiful beach and everywhere is less than 40 km drive from the Daniel Oduber International Airport, Liberia.
Playa del Coco is a very popular area sport fishing and is the largest population of the province of Guanacaste. Best known as the gateway for surfers to come to Ollie's Point and Witches Rock, where the waves are great. This bustling beach is a major point of scuba diving and has many tourist companies and diving, established here.
Playa del Coco is popular within the premises as it has a well developed infrastructure with good roads, many shops, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, hotels, resorts and markets. It has a very good nightlife, so if you are visiting this area during Christmas or Easter week expect to find many people doing festivals 'beach style'.
The beaches of Playas del Coco brown and gray are often still low tide and calm. Surrounded by hills and cliffs, this horseshoe-shaped beach is ideal for fun. However, if you are looking for something calmer you are advised to stay away from the town center and there they are carried out most of fun.
From Playas del Coco you can head up Pelonas Islands, Catalinas and Bat Islands are excellent sites to spot turtles, sharks and octopuses in their natural environment. The most attractive feature of this beach is its excellent climate and variety of facilities for tourists. Many of them used to Playas del Coco as a base camp when they are on tour of the Guanacaste region, because the accommodation is very economical.
Car Rental in Playas del Coco Costa Rica