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Manuel Antonio’s beaches are part of a coastal area located in Quepos, Costa Rica. Like the other Costa Rican coasts, they are public domain, and three of them are part of the Manuel Antonio National Park. They are located 173 kilometers from San José.

For decades, the surroundings of what today are the city of Quepos and the community of Manuel Antonio were dedicated to the banana production and cattle farms, but with the creation of the Park, in 1972, the economy turned to the tourism sector.

Since then, the beaches’ neighboring lands began to populate with modest houses, low-cost accommodations, and restaurants; but as the park began to gain worldwide fame, for its astonishing beauty, increasingly refined and selective services also started to emerge.

Due to the topographical characteristics of the area, the hotels have been installed in hills that offer visitors unique panoramic views. Here, the tourist can enjoy services of hotel and food of medium and high cost.
There are large hotels that are connected to the coast, located a few hundred meters, by secondary roads, some of them rustic. In other words, you can reach the beaches on foot; But if you do not want to make any effort, the tourist can board the bus, which drives by every 30 minutes, or do the tour by car.

The Manuel Antonio National Park

On Manuel Antonio’s beaches, it is possible to see a surprising amount of animals that moves through the trees and the palm trees that border the beach. But, if you want to make sure that you are going to rejoice by appreciating the abundant fauna, it is advisable to enter the protected area.

The park is the habitat of Caribbean monkeys and tamarins, sloths, pizotes, the place where usually the red limpets and toucan feed. It is a natural treasure for whose indescribable beauty it has been considered among the best natural parks in the world.

But Manuel Antonio, with its beaches, landscapes, islands, forests and animals, is just one of the attractions on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Ideally, for a tourist from abroad, it means taking advantage of the time to visit another two, or four, or ten, or fifty beaches … In Costa Rica, there are more than three hundred beaches!

Hence the importance of traveling to Manuel Antonio with autonomy; In a state-of-the-art vehicle, and in Rioja Rent a Car we can help you with this.

Our vehicles, thanks to their great comfort, will allow you to move from the hotels of the hills to the beaches and enjoy the most of the many tourist attractions offered by Costa Rica.

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