Car rental in Lindora, Santa Ana

Lindora has the privilege of having had the first airport that existed in Costa Rica besides convertio, its Lakes of Lindora in one of the favorite tourist destinations of the inhabitants of the Central Valley.

Today, it is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas of the Greater Metropolitan Area.

To Lindora, Santa Ana, located only 10 minutes from San José and 15 minutes from the Juan Santamaría International Airport, you can reach by several access roads.

The development of Lindora allows you to easily find just about everything: quality hotels, schools, clinics, shopping centers and restaurants where it is possible to enjoy the Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Hindu and, of course, Costa Rican culinary arts.

It is a place to have fun in a group or family, play golf, enjoy the trampolines and, if you prefer, it also gives you the opportunity of  various nightlife and unforgettable activities.

You can also find kindergartens, public and private schools, universities; restaurants of international prestige, banks, cinemas, among others.

If you have the right means of transport, Lindora is an ideal place to enjoy and make the most of your stay during a stay in Costa Rica or for your business endeavors.

If you are coming to Lindora, consider having the backing of a company that will make available a modern vehicle with the features that you prefer or need. In Rioja Rent a Car we offer you a fleet of vehicles of the year, each with characteristics so that the client chooses if he prefers to move around the city, roads or rustic roads and if it requires for individual or group trips.

We also offer you additional services, such as prepaid mobile phone, optional insurance, GPS, transfer, bilingual driver and a 24/7 permanent assistance to assist you in case of any incident.

On our website, you will be able to know the specifications of each of our vehicles.

It is advisable to book the vehicle you need on-line, with time, filling out the form that appears on our website.

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