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Escazú is the second canton in the province of San José. It is located to the West of this city. Escazu has an area of 34.49 km2. In addition, it has three districts boundaries and its limits are East with San Jose and Alajuelita, West by Santa Ana, and South with Acosta, and Alajuelita.

This canton is part of the Metropolitan Area, and have the largest housing area. In 2013, according to the Ministry of plannification of Costa Rica, Escazú was also the canton of a greater social development of Costa Rica, due to their high levels of education, health, access to the Internet and citizen participation.

The economy is diversified, one of the most important factors is the commerce of the area as, expensive restaurants, hotels, real estate, and the financial sector. One of the District of Escazu is San Rafael. It has a high concentration of residential areas. The residents are economically active, significantly higher than the national average.

Escazu has nine public schools and nine private schools, three per district. As well as nine academic schools, including three public.


The canton of Escazu has one of the oldest populations of Costa Rica.  Located at the foot of the Escazu Hills. Records of occupation over this territory have been during pre-Columbian times. Also, La Villa of Escazú was populated in 1600, before the Foundation of San Jose.

Escazu is one of the sectors of Costa Rica where contrast more the cultural between modernity and the rural heritage of the country. It is also known as “the city of the witches”, due to their stories and folk legends and ghosts.

Also, it is one of the cantons where was born the traditional masquerade parade of Costa Rica. Some of the most striking buildings are Catholic churches and charming adobe houses.

Every year here is celebrated the day of the Boyero, in honor to the tradition Ox driver and the Costa Rican typical wagon, both declared world heritage by the UNESCO.

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