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Destinos tropicales

Tropical destinations to escape from the cold temperatures

When low temperatures become a challenge for survival in some parts of the world, the sun shines in the tropics. It is time to fully enjoy the warm beaches, the national parks with several different species of flora and fauna; the sounds of nature; sunny beaches and majestic volcanoes. In tropical destinations like Costa Rica, […]

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Rent a Car in the San José airport

Traveling to Costa Rica? Your car awaits you at SJO Airport

With modern technologies, getting to the SJO Airport and starting the tour to visit Costa Rica, for work or vacations, is very easy. From the moment you visit us, we have a vehicle waiting for your comfort. The possibility of hiring an on-line vehicle offers a series of immediate advantages that until a few years […]

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Car rental online in Costa Rica

Car rental online in Costa Rica

Until a few years ago, a trip for work or pleasure began with a headache, from the need to have a means of transport to moving through cities and territories totally or partially unknown. If you did not have contacts to get you a means of transport, you had to get to a car rental […]

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Rent a car Escazú

List of car rental in SJO Airport

One of the great advantages of the Juan Santamaría International Airport, concerning many other airports, is that it is close to “everything”: From the Great Metropolitan Area itself, where it is located, to the volcanoes, the national parks, the tropical beaches and endless tourist destinations. Boarding a vehicle at the SJO Airport, as it is […]

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4x4 vehicles and SUVs to get to know Costa Rica

Car rental in Alajuela Airport

When a foreign traveler asks about the hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist destinations closest to the San Jose airport, Costa Rica, you may receive a list of companies and places located in Alajuela. It seems a contradiction, but it is a reality that has a simple explanation: the first significant international airport that was in […]

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Mitsubishi Pajero 2015

Car rental in SJO Airport

The recognition granted by the Airport Council International Association (ACI) of Switzerland to Juan Santamaría, as the third best airport in Latin America and the Caribbean, is just one of the characteristics of this gateway to Costa Rican territory. Its privileged location allows visitors to travel in just a few minutes to the capital city […]

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[es:]alquiler de vehículos 4X4 en Costa Rica[en:]4X4 car rental in Costa Rica

Choose a 4×4 vehicle to travel around Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country but is abundant in natural treasures that attracts a growing number of researchers, volunteers and tourists from all over the world. It is surprising, its territory can be easily traveled from Panama to Nicaragua borders in a short time by asphalted roads. It has 35 protected areas, which include […]

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How to rent a car in Paso Canoas?

Like all lease agreements, the form for renting a vehicle is a document that includes obligations on behalf of both, the lessor and the lessee, but they are daily use procedures that facilitate the process for both parties. It will always be important for the lessee to rent the vehicle in advance to ensure that […]

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Car Rentals in San Jose

Car rental in San Jose, Costa Rica

Unlike many capitals, which were settled and developed in the vicinity of the sea or large waterways, San José is located towards the center of the country, an unbeatable location to travel to the entire national territory. In addition, San José is part of a set of provincial cities such as Cartago, Heredia and Alajuela, […]

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Rent a Cart in Costa Rica

Travel around Costa Rica with the best Rent a Car

With a territory of just 50.900 square kilometers, Costa Rica is a nationwide model for the economic, social and political development and coexistence.

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