Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, the best

Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, the best Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, the best Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, the best

Costa Rica fishing the best alternative

The deep sea fishing sport in the world is here in Costa Rica.

Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

It is a dream-come-true for most tourists to explore the Costa Rican Pacific ports and several beach resorts. But the best feature of the coasts is in its cobalt blue waters where the fishes abound. The best deep sea sport fishing in the world is here in Costa Rica.

Billfishes with sailfish and marlin at the heart of the Pacific coast are perhaps the biggest attractions and the proven favorites of most fishermen tourists. The waters of the Costa Rican Pacific coast hold as well a great diversity of many species of tuna and Dorado. Moreover, many other feisty fighters such as roosterfish and Wahoo abound this part of the seas of the country. In fact, most anglers spending their time on the large rocks off the coast of Quepos had experienced catching 60-pound roosters and other fighters to their surprise.

Deep sea fishing is the infamous activity in Costa Rica. Equally challenging, the Northern Atlantic Rivers offer another world-class type of fishing with snooks and tarpons. Fresh water sport fishing in Lake Arenal and the larger rivers in the Northern Atlantic Zone is gaining popularity with many tourists as well. There is the Guapote which is a hump-backed fish known as the rainbow bass and there are giant marlins, high jumping tarpons, sailfishes, and more hard hitting fresh water species abound the area.

Costa Rica sport fishing is probably the best offering in Costa Rican adventures with a wide variety of fishes. Nevertheless, the country is still proud of the warm culture with the booming eco tourism. There is an opportunity to the Costa Rican attractions even with a limited time. This is particularly due to the fact that the nation is just small in size. One can even explore a day of water rafting and the infamous rainforest jungle hike with the monkeys and birds.

What is more interesting is the fact that Costa Rica boat operators are environmentally conscious. They are particularly aware of diversity of their seas. There are dolphins and fishes including giant yellow fin tuna, Wahoo, snapper, cubera, rooster fish, grouper, rainbow runners, blue runners, snook, and many more species. The operators release all billfishes that are found to non-record contenders. This assures us that they are fighting to keep the balance in the ecosystems and life in the seas. We can thus have the peace of mind that we can still appreciate the beauty of fishing in Costa Rica for the years to come.

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