Traveling to Costa Rica from abroad: Where to rent a car?

Although that in political, economic and social terms Costa Rica is a privileged country, its greatest attraction is its wide and tempting tourist offer. A whole industry has grown around the innumerable natural attractions thanks to government policies aimed at protecting the environment which have been enforced over decades.

The country has 160 protected areas which represent 25% of the national territory. Costa RIca has national parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, volcanoes, mountains, 143 paradisiacal beaches and many other attractions.

To take advantage of Costa Rica’s natural treasures, the country also adds two other important tourism variants thanks to a solid offer of medical services and business tourism due to the National Center of Congresses and Conventions of Costa Rica.

Public and private transport

Enjoying so many tourist attractions is possible thanks to the development of a wide transport infrastructure including bus and taxi services, boats and private and collective flights.

The transport offer is wide but, in general, they usually bring the tourists closer to their destination and distances and schedules restrict tourists freedom and limit their time to enjoy the holidays.

This is why it’s important to have a means of transport that guarantees a fast, comfortable, safe and independent travel to admire and enjoy your trip. The solution is a car rental.

Where to rent a car?

As in many other countries, those who travel to Costa Rica will find a massive offer of car rental services. Rioja Rent a Car is a company with extensive experience that provides an excellent service and personalized attention.

We have a fleet of the latest SUV and 4X4 vehicles for individual, group or family use available for you.. And we deliver it and pick it up when and where the client orders it.

Be sure to enjoy an unforgettable holiday by renting your vehicle online in time. Get in touch with us, we are at your service.



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