Palo Verde: The bird watching heaven in our country

The hummingbird is a tiny bird whose power and skill allow it to hover in the air to drink the nectar of the flowers. After it eats it flies backwards at a dizzying speed. In Costa Rica there are 46 species of hummingbirds with amazing rainbow-like colors.

however, hummingbirds are just a tiny bit of the total amount of wildlife that exists in Costa Rica, where 960 bird species have been registered, 800 of them are native.

An animal sanctuary

There are warm ecosystems, abundant in water and food that gather a high concentrations of animal species. That’s is the case of the Palo Verde National Park, an ideal sanctuary for bird watching.

This place is made up of lagoons and mangroves that drain into the Tempisque River, the third largest in the country, after the Grande de Térraba river and the Reventazón river. The rest of the region is made up of large forests and pastures.

The characteristics of Palo Verde are favorable for domestic bird species as well for migratory species that travel along the routes of the Mesoamerican Pacific during their annual migrations from the north part of the continent.

This place is a heaven for birdwatchers. The highest concentration occurs during the rainy season, in which the number of individuals is estimated to be 250,000; however, the dry season offers better conditions for watching animals since the leaves fall and visibility increases.

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