The best way to rent a car in Costa Rica

Although there is an infinite list of factors that must be taken into account when renting a car, there are two important aspects worth to consider:

  1. Finding a company with good reputation
  2. Booking with enough anticipation

In Costa Rica, as in any other country, the traveler has access to transnational companies that have immense vehicle fleets managed as supermarket chains where everyone has a role a receive a reward for it.

These companies are in no way poorly managed nor offer neglected products but these cannot be compared with local, family business where its owners do their best effort to provide a high-quality service.

That is our case. Rioja Rent a Car is a Costa Rican family business ready to compete with large companies by providing a high-quality service: the latest vehicle, impeccable condition and with all the necessary features to travel around Costa Rica in a safe comfortable way.

The other aspect to take in consideration -Booking in advance- it is important to do with the availability of vehicles. Booking with enough anticipation guarantees that the selected vehicle will be waiting for you when and where you need it.

This way, the traveler won’t have any unexpected changes even if his visit coincides with a high demand season or event. Booking online is fast and easy.

Other aspects to consider:

There are other important factors that should be taken into account when renting a car in Costa Rica:

  • Take advantage of offers and promotions and make sure they are real benefits with no hidden fees.
  • Choose the vehicle according to your preferences and needs. The rental price varies depending on the size of the vehicle, so it is important to be clear about the amount of people you will be traveling with.
  • Do not wait to get to the airport or an agency to rent a car. Companies like ours take the vehicle to you and then pick it up wherever you choose to left it.
  • Consider that, in order to rent a car, a credit card is required (since it serves as a guarantee in case of any mishap).
  • Have your driver’s license at hand and check you have the minimum age required for company to drive a car.

Rioja Rent a Car is a company with extensive experience and reputation. Count on our advice to have a pleasant stay in Costa Rica.

In addition to our fleet of modern SUV, 4×4 and Pick Up vehicles in impeccable conditions, we offer other complementary services such as prepaid mobile phone, optional insurance, bilingual driver, GPS, transfer and a 24/7 customer service.

Learn more about us on our website and reserve your vehicle in time.

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