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San José is a peculiar city that besides hosting the country’s political and administrative institutions is the point of reference of the other three most important cities in the country.

Altogether with Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago (and its cities) San José is part of the so-called Great Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica what translates into an intense economic, cultural, tourist, etc. activity.

On its own, San José has a wide range of places as you can expect from a big city, there are theaters, museums, historical buildings and parks, such as:

  • The National Theater with its historical architecture and 120 years adding to the culture of the Costa Rican people. Because of its architectural characteristics, this emblematic building is located in the heart of the city has become an important tourist attraction.
  • The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum: Right next to the National Theater there is the busy Plaza de la Cultura square housing the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum in its basements. It is a widely documented museum containing more than 1500 gold objects from the pre-Columbian era inhabitants of the Costa Rican territory.
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral of San José: This Catholic temple is the largest and most important in Costa Rica since it’s the headquarters of the Archbishop of San José.
  • The Children’s Museum, a magical transformation of what once was the gloomy building of the Central Penitentiary.

The aforementioned buildings, however, are just a small sample of what you can do and enjoy in San José and the rest of the Great Metropolitan Area. You only need time to visit recreational spaces such as the Metropolitan Park of La Paz or the La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

But if you want to go outside of San José, you should visit the province of Cartago and visit the Irazú Volcano, Our Lady of the Angels Basilica. You can also visit Heredia or Alajuela and get to know the Poás volcano.

Of course, to make the most of your visit to San José, it is important to have a comfortable and safe vehicle to travel with. That’s something Rioja Rent a Car can help you with.

The vehicle you need

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