Best places to visit in Costa Rica during the rainy season

Lugares de Costa Rica para visitar en época lluviosa

In Costa Rica there is no winter and summer seasons as you may know. There are a dry season and a rainy season, no extreme temperatures, no snow, no suffocating heat.
During the -not so- dry season, thousands of people travel to many tourist destinations such as cities, beaches and mountains; but this is not exclusively related to the weather conditions.
Tourism is influenced because the Costa Rican dry season coincides with the student holiday periods and freezing winters of other countries.


Always green; always fresh

A large sector of Costa Rica, in fact, remains radiant throughout the whole year, but is even more green and dazzling during the rainy season, the water is refreshing, the vegetation grows, and the fauna finds abundant sources of food.

The rainy season is a favorable occasion to enjoy a magnificent trip to a beach -usually sunny in the mornings- or in a national park and other protected areas spread over more than a quarter of the Costa Rican territory.

The rainy season, which is between May and December, is the perfect moment to enjoy benefits such as discounts on hotels, car rentals, excursions and airline tickets prices.

In the small Costa Rica, which is only 52 thousand km2, the average annual temperature ranges between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius .And do not worry regarding the places to visit, there are many of them: There are 34 protected areas including natural national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves; There are 143 beaches and 4 volcanoes open to the public that can be visited at any time of the year.


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