Things you should know before renting a car in Costa Rica

Consejos para rentar autos en Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many paradisiacal places where there is so much to see and so much to enjoy that, in order to get the most out of your visit, you will need a vehicle that offers you freedom and autonomy.

Having a vehicle allows you to visit several natural national parks in a single day and enjoy different beaches in a few hours, hence the importance of having a rental vehicle.

When renting vehicle, the visitor must consider several factors that should be included in the rental agreement. Let’s overview some things you should know before renting a car in Costa Rica:

  • Look for a responsible company

In Costa Rica, most of the transnational companies that offer rental services are present, but there are also national companies with a long history trying to leave a mark in the market by offering the best services at competitive prices.

Rioja Rent a Car has its own website for the travelers planning to visit Costa Rica can learn more about the details of the vehicles we have and choose the one that suits them best.

  • Make your reservation in time

Renting a vehicle at the last moment can cause some inconveniences such as a surcharge generated by the offer and demand or having to resign with vehicle that does not have the features the traveler needs.

If you make your reservation early, you’ll make sure you’ll get the vehicle that best suits your tastes and needs. It is always important to reconfirm your reservation through a phone call or an email to avoid last minute delays caused, for example, by a delayed flight.

As additional advice, you should write down the phone number of the company or driver who is going to deliver the vehicle to you to avoid setbacks in the case of a sudden change of plans or, simply, cannot reach the agreed place.

For your comfort, reserve your vehicle with us with enough time so we can deliver it and pick it up wherever you request it.

  • Read the insurance terms

Vehicle rental in Costa Rica includes an insurance to cover the expenses derived from incidental experiences, such as accidents, breach of contract and fines that may result from violations of the Traffic Law.

Every rental agreement includes a basic insurance for damages caused by a vehicle authorized for circulation within the national territory, but the lessee can opt for an optional insurance.

These optional insurances may include, for example, covering damages caused to the vehicle in an accident or in other unforeseen situations.

It is important that any person interested on hiring a rented vehicle to verify the terms of the optional insurance to avoids confusing situations and uncomfortable setbacks, since a guarantee deposit backed by a credit card will be hold until the vehicle is returned.

  • Rent a Car at the airport

Rioja Rent a Car can deliver and pick up for you the vehicle you hired, directly at the airport, whether it’s the Juan Santamaria Airport or the Liberia Airport. This is an important aspect as it ensures you have a transport waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane avoiding you the stress related with taxis or public buses.

  • Inspect the vehicle

Before boarding the vehicle, inspect it thoroughly and take pictures of every damage it has. The dents and scratches can cause a dispute and it will always come handy to have evidence to back you up. Make sure to do this twice, when receiving the vehicle and when you return it.

  • Accessories and documentation

Bear in mind that the Costa Rican transit laws are rigorous, so you should take precautions such as using child seats (if you have them) and using the seat belt. Fortunately, if you choose us, you can get baby seats on your vehicle for an additional amount.

Remember that you need your passport, driver’s license and credit card to pick up the vehicle. Have in mind that traffic signals and geographical indications in Costa Rica are more prone to mislead you than to guide you on the right path, so using a GPS becomes almost essential.

If you are thinking about traveling to Costa Rica for business or vacations, contact us through our website or our email / , we will be pleased to assist you.

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