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Those who have the beautiful opportunity to travel around the world -either for personal, business or tourism reasons- know about the importance of having a vehicle that guarantees independence and precision in the destination country.

It must be a modern vehicle in optimal conditions to allow the traveler to comply with his/her itinerary without any setbacks and in an exclusive and comfortable way. Since the visitor will stay in the country for a small amount of time, the logic solution is hiring a rental vehicle.

Luxury vehicles

But in order to guarantee a successful travel, it is especially important to hire the vehicle in a reputable rental company since they have a high quality fleet, additional services and a wide experience in the matter.

In Rioja Rent a Car we meet all of those conditions. We have a fleet of the latest SUV, Pick Up and 4×4 vehicles, vehicles for 5 and 7 passengers and full extras and permanent support service in case any problem occurs.


Our fleet is made up of luxury vehicles backed by a third-party insurance, which offers a series of benefits:

  • Freedom: You can move freely without the limitations of schedules and the inconveniences of public transport.
  • Comfort: Our vehicles are spacious and comfortable, both for the driver and passengers and they have plenty of space to accommodate suitcases.
  • Support: We provide the additional service of a friendly, bilingual and environmentally aware driver, which minimizes cultural and language barriers with customers who speak languages ​​other than English and Spanish.
  • Amenities: We offer other additional services, such as GPS -in case the client wants to drive the vehicle- as well as complementary insurance, transfer, prepaid phone and safety seats for children.

We are a Costa Rican company with a wide experience in vehicle rentals. Our fleet is made up of luxury vehicles that can be hired online, so you can make the reservation with time and get the best prices.

Contact us and make the reservation of your vehicle in time.

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