Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Rent a Car en Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica has a continental surface of ​​just 19,652 square miles, it is a privileged country due to its geographical location, its democratic and pacifist tradition, and abundant species of flora and fauna protected by conservationist policies.

The capital of the country, San José, is located in the center of the Greater Metropolitan Area and its strategic location facilitates business and administrative activities. Everything is relatively close, this is a good thing for those who arrive for executive or commercial purposes; but it also facilitates reaching the rest of the country thanks to an extensive road network and air transport service.

We take the vehicle to you

From the Juan Santamaría and Tobías Bolaños airports, for example, it is possible to travel by airplanes that provide a regular passenger service to various points of the provinces of Limón, Guanacaste and Puntarenas.

But it is also possible to take a rental vehicle and travel to any region of the country, within a few hours. These particularities facilitate both national or foreigner tourists to travel around our country.

To put things in perspective, Costa Rica’s tourism offer includes 34 protected areas, including national parks, biological reserves, monuments and wildlife refuges; five amazing active volcanoes and no less than 147 beaches.

Anyone who wants to know such abundant territory just has to contact a car rental company in Costa Rica and ask them to send the vehicle that best suits his/her tastes and interests.

An experienced company

In Rioja Rent a Car, we are ready 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to take the vehicle you want to any airport or city in the national territory you need it.

We have a fleet of the latest SUV or 4×4 vehicles, with features for you to travel with your family, in groups or by yourself, complying the highest safety and comfort concepts. We also offer complementary services such as a prepaid mobile phone, optional insurance, bilingual driver, GPS and transfer.

Do all the activities you want in Costa Rica in a safe way and feel supported by our car rental service, we are a company with a wide experience.

Make your reservation with time and enjoy a pleasant experience in Costa Rica with us.

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